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Well before obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering, Stefan Long was exposed to a number of influences which remain firmly grounded in MAGMAX Design’s vision & mission. My great grandfather (also an Oregonian) was a designer as well as a woodworker. This desire to create practical and useful products out of need was passed down to my grandfather and also to my father. My mother grew up in East Germany during World War II and to this day has instilled a passion to use only what you need and to recycle wherever possible. I was fortunate to live in a Mid century Modern home in Oregon full of items of from famous designers: Charles & Ray Eames, George Nelson, Eero Saarinen, Isamu Noguchi and Ferdinand Porsche which remain everyday influences in the life of my family.

My wife and I have both traveled all over the world and have lived internationally for many years. Our first “date” was to look at the new modern & sustainable Scandinavian embassies in Berlin; we are both passionate about design and aesthetics. My professional career has been focused on helping industrial companies to change to become more efficient & profitable through combining the needs of customers with that of technology and the capabilities of the organization. Recently I was the manager of a custom design industrial products company in Oregon; where a number of the local suppliers are still used by MAGMAX Design.

The name MAGMAX comes from that of our two children Magnus and Maxine, who’s never ending desire to create, play, and to enjoy life are a daily inspiration.

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Magnus (left) Stefan Long (center) Maxine (right)
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